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Still Time: Art to Books and Back Again

Even in times of rapid change, books and art retain their capacity to slow us down, transport us to a contemplative place, move us out of awareness of immediate demands. Still Time focused on works of contemporary art referencing books, and contemporary books referencing works of art, in a space for the viewer to still themself, relax, and see what came.


Reading and attentive looking can immerse us in states of suspended action, becoming a portal to our own contemplative play. Newly orientated, our perception of space and time shifts, crossing and recrossing boundaries. Visitors joined us in experiencing renewed relationships with space and time. They drew inspiration from our exhibition and reading room where there were materials for handling, and opportunities for them to respond.


Still Time included works by:

Mémé Bartels

Simon Cutts

Annabel Fraser

Erica van Horn

Andrew James

Tanya Kaprielian

Clio Lloyd-Jacob

Idit Elia Nathan

Eiji Watanabe

Stephen Willats

Sarah Wood

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